Why TimeRepo
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Why TimeRepo

We Keep It Simple

When you compare our feature set with other popular time tracking solutions, our solution tends to be much simpler.

We've tailored TimeRepo to work for businesses and non-profits that operate in a high-trust environment. Employees manually report their own hours and managers approve or reject their timesheets based on their accuracy. We do not offer tools that enable you to monitor your employees time at work.

Our Pricing Is Value Driven

Our pricing model is based on a simple idea,

The price of software should only be worth the amount of value it delivers

In the case of employee timekeeping, we know that a business with 1-7 employees does not get the same value out of our product as a business with 20 or 30 employees simply due to the fact that its easier to track hours for 5 employees compared to 25 employees using simpler methods like spreadsheets.


We're Here For You

If you ever need help or need something explained, we're here for you.

All of our customers get free support so you can call us, email us, chat with us (via live chat) or browse our knowledge base.

Found a bug or have a feature request? Reach out to us through one of our support channels and we'll gladly look into it.


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